Trial Vault provides consulting, implementation and training on technologies, modalities and work flow for case management and trial. We work with you directly to understand the specific needs of the litigation. Trial Vault will vet and analyze litigation vendors and appropriate technologies and modalities and then make recommendations based on those needs. Trial Vault will implement the chosen technologies and modalities so that the legal work, not the legal paperwork, receives your attention.

Trial Vault also supports the chosen modalities for document review, case management and trial presentations. We also provide trial consulting services.

Trial Vault specialties include the following consulting services:

  • Vet and Analyze Litigation Technologies
  • Recommend best possible cost-effective, automated approach to litigation management
  • Advise legal teams with respect to collection, processing, review and production of ESI and other ESI issues
  • Recommend and Implement Policies and Procedures for document review and work flow
  • Organization of Electronic, Cloud Repositories
  • Recommend Key committee assignments

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