Although Trial vault can work with any ESI hosting vendor, it has established a partnership with Elijah Ltd. This partnership with Elijah facilitates the most efficient, cost effective, savvy approach to managing mass torts and complex litigation. Elijah provides a superior platform, project management portal, and technical support team to enable Trial Vault to perform its services most effectively. Elijah’s superior capabilities and platform further creates a unique collaborative process for all members of the litigation team. Together, Trial Vault and Elijah provide the essential combination of eDiscovery technology, data security, analytics, project management and dedication, resulting in efficiency and better success for plaintiffs’ counsel.

Trial Vault is now a provider of Opus 2 Magnum, the most innovative case management tool on the market today. Trial Vault’s partnership with Opus 2 Magnum enables collaboration on the master set of hot documents, exhibits, transcripts, research and work product from a private cloud-based workspace. Trial Vault will be your case manager to categorize your hot documents according to your case issues and themes, link key text in documents to key testimony as well as to witnesses. Trial Vault will create your electronic trial binders. Trial Vault will create deposition video clips and trial designations.

Trial Vault is a certified reseller partner of Legistek, creator of Limine, a cutting edge trial preparation and presentation tool. Trial Vault will take your organized Opus 2 / Case Notebook case and import it into Limine so you are ready to present your evidence at trial. Limine was created for use on tablets and touch screens for lawyers as a seamless trial presentation tool. Litigation support professionals can mirror the attorney’s screen from their own device, calling up documents while still letting the lawyer add the markups or confront witnesses up close and personal with a tablet.

I also established a partnership with DK Global, creator of “Trial Touch” the most innovative discovery and trial preparation tool for the IPAD. Trial Touch provides a private cloud to host all of your key documents and testimony, as well as linking them to issues and witnesses, all from your IPAD.