Trial Vault is now a provider of Opus 2 Magnum, an easy-to-use private cloud-based collaborative solution that takes litigators and their teams (experts, co-counsel, in-house counsel) all the way from deposition prep to trial. With Opus2, Trial Vault will organize your case to assist in deposition and trial preparation by doing the following:

  • Manage Categories and issue tags according to your case themes
  • Link all deposition exhibits in their transcripts
  • Create links between text, documents or research and to experts and lay witnesses
  • Highlight the text of documents or transcripts, add notes, tag and code key passages
  • Share annotations with team members
  • Create Deposition designations and export clips to team members
  • Manage Designations and Objections
  • Create electronic trial binders

Mrs. Grisamore is also a certified administrator of West LiveNote Case Notebook and provides similar case management as in Opus 2 Magnum

Trial Vault is also a provider for Trial Touch, and can organize your case electronically on your IPAD.

Talk with us today to learn more about effective case management software for deposition and trial preparation.