Trial Vault is the perfect single Point-of-Contact to liaise among trial team members, support staff and third party vendors to ensure each team member receives exactly the support they need from exhibit binders carefully indexed to witnesses and trial preservation testimony. Trial Vault will work with deposition and trial preparation technologies to build your witnesses & experts, maintain and cross-reference key exhibits & testimony, and create compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Special Expertise includes:

  • Organizing, maintaining and providing rapid access to all expert materials, reports, depositions, designations and trial preservation testimony
  • Organizing, bates numbering, indexing, maintaining and creating rapid review and access to all trial exhibits, both pre-trial submission and during trial
  • Creating witness, expert and exhibit binders
  • Setting up a war room and assisting at trial and with courtroom audio visual support

Trial Vault specializes in exporting all identified trial exhibits, testimony, and evidence organized by issues and by witness into a premier trial preparation and presentation tool to create your electronic trial package, which will provide key testimony, witness, expert and trial exhibit binders at the touch of your fingertips. More info…

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